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The client has a plot area of 600 sq. ft. and had asked to design a jewellery showroom. According to the brief, the showroom concept would embrace the gem’s identity as well as the architectural and design code of the showroom. The style has been based on Modern Minimalistic, catering to the niche segments of the city. The underlying idea for the design is to synthesis architecture and display, using the whole space as a stage for the jewels. Unconventional materials were used, emphasizing this relationship and pulling away from the typical jewellery store. This new store brings to the retail experience the clarity and openness of a gallery setting combined with the texture and comfort of a modern showroom.


Fine attention is also given to the entrance and display with brass signage and interesting display sure to entice a prospective buyer. Customers are initially drawn to the store by the elegant storefront having seamless On entry, the left of the showroom has cashier’s desk complementing the showroom as a whole while to the right a six feet long sitting created on top of the electrical panels with DVR storage followed by the feature mirror wall that alternates golden panels/jali, in a game of light and reflections which is the striking element of the showroom and adds to the spaciousness. The intriguing Jali screens, rich Italian marble throughout the store, direct and indirect lighting, all coalesce together to project a sophisticated look.  Exotic veneers on counters also elevate the regality of the space. The display niches placed together in abstract vertical height let the eyes flow through the ceiling of the room. cnc jali. From a distance, views into the store are diffused by the turquoise on the walls, ceiling and flooring with profile lighting on all four sides that leads to the bright and vivacious entrance giving a modern gaze.


If white is the dominant colour on the floor and ceiling, anon the walls are enhanced by touches of gold and wooden glossy textures. Whether it’s the colour or the lightings of the room all are augmenting the space to look capacious. While the end of the showroom has a two feet wide minimalistic puja unit on its left leading to the cabin which has Light is kind of the heart of the project. The soft and warm pocket door and the already existing locker room.ambiance of the showroom is further enhanced by indirect light and reflections, while direct light inside the displays focuses on the jewellery exclusively to bring out the beauty and shine of the jewels. The modular style are repeated throughout the store to create the sense of continuity and repetition, using the same material and module.  Shimmering lights have been used to add glamor to the space along with heavy crystal chandeliers which exudes a feel of grandeur. The showcase of the jewelleries on the opposite wall to the entrance is extended to the ceiling in a modular style to create the sense of continuity which is illuminated from above by designer chandeliers.




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