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The client approached us with a brief of designing a residence for a family with members across a varied age group and had the desire to pursue contemporary form. The brief also called for strategies to enjoy the views, to keep the house cold in summer and warm in winters. This project sits on an 1850 sq. ft. plot with required setbacks from all sides and ground coverage area of about 1000 sq. ft.  In the meanwhile, we grappled with the issue of providing private spaces for all the members, without compromising the feel of an independent residence.

Our team has designed a contemporary un-conventional G+2 structure with a good utilization of the space by creating living space, puja room, open kitchen with dining, semi-open sit-out at the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper floors. The entrance has a water body which creates a seamless indoor-outdoor connection through a large full height sliding window opening in the living space.


The most prepossessing part of this plan is the green façade on stairwell which forms the core of the house and also gives an identity to the project. We named this unique alluring house “Living Green” because its façades filled with vigorous and vital greenery composed of layers of concrete planters that are cantilevered. The green façade projecting out on staircase, balconies and cantilevered planters on the south and southwest part of the building acts as a screen protecting the house from direct heat gain during summers, thus keeping the house cool in summers. This landmark facade has been designed to act as a filter to optimize climatic conditions. The exterior walls are thick that holds extra insulation as well as increase comfort by raising the radiant temperature of the room and acts as a great sound barrier.  Having a deep traditional route, the client wanted a Puja room; also being the most dedicated and dominated area of the space planning we gave it special attention. The pathway leading to the puja room is built on a small water body flowing from outside of the house to inside which is very alluring.


To enrich cooking and dining experiences that deepen our connections with others and bring out the best within us, we created an open kitchen connected to the dining which opens up to an inside-outside merger connecting it with nature outside. The Dining area opens into front yard by means of a large sliding folding door that ensures an open layout when desired leading to the semi-open-sit out, for dining experiences enjoying the weather, house parties with guests over barbeques.


In contrast, the upper levels are private and house four bedrooms, enjoying the summer balconies, overlooking the landscape, and featuring a generous ensuite and dressing–closet. In our hyper-interactive world where glaring screens rule the roost, it can be tricky to nail down some quiet time, we created a mini home library at the first floor that combines relaxation with personal growth and completes the genuine atmosphere of a modern residence. While Mini home theatre on the second floor is intended to provide the family with an entertainment option. We betrothed to provide the client with an entertainment option that is suitable for watching TV and movies at home with a little extra excitement.





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