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This elegant and sophisticated four-bedroom apartment in Bariatu is a fine example of plush modern living. Designed for a family of eight, the flat effortlessly balances luxury, comfort, and practicality, with beautifully detailed custom furniture, expertly selected finishes and dramatic accents. Here, Italian marbles are balanced with rich and warm wood veneers that create a more sumptuous composition.


These contemporary styles of the rooms are defined by its simplicity, subtle sophistication, and deliberate use of texture along with the sense of open space. After outfitting the space with contemporary fixtures and smart tech appliances, interest is added by the inclusion of collectible and custom-made furniture pieces, lights, and tapestries. All the furniture are contemporary in nature with carefully curated pieces, stellar accents and gorgeous furnishings that come together, to create an opulent home, that’ll whisk you away to the lap of luxury. As you step into the home, the foyer area envelops you with bright pendant lights that anchor this area. Soft neutral hues, intelligent lighting, textural drama, and contemporary furnishings greet you, as you walk into this uber-fascinating urban residence.


In the living room, multi-functional vertical partition creating a screen separates the living room from the dining room and also doubles up as a display unit. Plush grey sofas paired with an elegant table create a focal point and is a perfect space to kick back and relax.  The spacious living room is designed extensively with rich wood and neutralcolors which open into a front balcony like an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle by means of 12 ft. full height large sliding door that ensures an open layout when desired. We converted this inner-city balcony to a zen zone with a relaxing setting for our client. This urban bliss gives an exotic glance with exquisite jali patterns that provide shade and WPC deck flooring followed by the compilation of wooden and hexagonal tiles with pebbles on the edges of the planters along with the custom made pieces of furniture. Setting the mood for our client this balcony is a perfect spot to kick off your shoes and unwind.



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