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The residence was an extremely interesting project for a+d lab, given the firm’s belief that a home should reflect the personality of the owner. This modern house set in one of the  sites of Raipur distinguishes itself by its contemporary style, individuality, and comfort, all chosen for a wow factor, be it an exceptional view, a fabulous front, or interior space. The 5,200 sq. ft. renovation project comprised of Renovate , Design & Build work.


The Owner, who is an artist, approached us to design a home that would stand out. The project was to remodel existing  2BHK plan on the ground floor and convert it into three units of  1BHKs for renting purpose to the budding artists without demolishing the existing frame structural system of the building. The client also wants a duplex house on first floor to accommodate a spacious living room connecting with dining room for 8, master bedroom with balcony, son's bedroom with balcony, and daughter's bedroom who visits home occasionally for a day or two and also encompassing an art studio room.The brief also called for strategies to enjoy the views surrounding the house.


Our main focus stands upon how to revive this extremely stuffed yet not properly lit house, and doing so without changing the existing column placements. We wanted the reborn elevation to bring the lightsome and lively atmosphere to the resident. Also one of the main challenge was to remodel existing  2BHK plan on the ground floor into three units of  1BHKs in this extremely stuffed space without changing or demolishing the existing column structural system. We proposed 3 units of 1BHK's without changing the existing column placement,  adding 3 new columns on the same grid. We kept the existing OTS and created one more so as to provide natural light and ventilation to the occupants of ground floor  The lower section of the plot houses the car porch and staircase, connecting it to the Duplex. The first floor is designed into duplex for the owner. The structural positions on the ground floor became the guidelines for the planning of duplex. The first floor is utilised by the owner and the second floor by their children. The first floor living area is double heighted and the two floors are connected through an staircase beside the puja room. The double height in the duplex enables the members to be in visual connectivity with each other. This also creates a sense of continuity in terms of the volume when a member enters at the living room. The exterior façade on the north face is designed to create aesthetic textural play through  brick and wood. The master bedroom, son's bedroom and art studio room are designed with balconies and gardens at split levels. The geometric flavour of the façade gets more pronounced owing to the brick jail and windows which have been faceted for dramatic natural lighting within. 





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